Sports Betting in Australia

A purposive sample of 639 Australian adults was used for this study. It found that certain demographics are at higher risk of becoming problem cricket sports bettors: being male, never married, living alone, being a single parent with children, and being a full-time employee. The study also found that these high-risk individuals were likely to be making frequent and large bets.



There is a significant gender difference in sports betting. Men make more sports bets than women, and the differential is even wider among young men. However, this disparity narrows as people get older. Women, those with university educations, and men with trade qualifications place less bets.


Sports betting can be a great side hustle for many people. You can make some extra cash while enjoying your favorite sport. You can also use your income from sports betting to improve your lifestyle. But, if you’re thinking about making money from sports betting as your primary source of income, you need to know that there are many risks involved.

Friendship groups

In Australia, sports betting is the fastest-growing segment of the gambling industry, but there is little research on the social contexts of the sport. Most wagering operators focus on the single, upwardly mobile male demographic. While sports betting has many benefits, it can also have detrimental effects. This study seeks to understand these social contexts and determine whether or not sports betting should be considered a socially acceptable activity.


In recent years, Australian sports betting and racing have increased significantly. It is legal to bet on these events for Australian residents aged 18 and over. In 2016, race betting losses totaled $3.3 billion, representing 14% of all gambling expenditure in the country. In comparison, sports betting losses were $1.1 billion, or 4.5% of the gambling total. The growth of sports betting in Australia has been accompanied by extensive promotional activity. It has been described as ubiquitous, intrusive, and relentless.


In Australia, taxation of sports betting is an important issue. The Queensland government is looking to increase the tax rate on betting operators and introduce a new tax on previously exempt items, such as bonus bets and free bets. However, the new tax may have a negative impact on sports betting in Australia.

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